Features Of The Choice Of Interior Doors

When choosing interior doors, you need to be guided not only by their style and design but also by the level of heat and noise insulation, the quality of the selected materials, the accuracy of dimensions and shape. Modern solutions allow you to choose the option of the desired type and color, which fits perfectly into the doorway. The interior doors catalog allows you to familiarize yourself with the full range of models for an apartment, house, office before choosing a design and other characteristics.

Materials for interior doors


Natural solid wood has high aesthetics and durability, perfectly retains heat, protects against noise, and is environmentally friendly and safe. The most durable materials include hornbeam, beech, oak, and ash. Pine and conifers are softer but also have an attractive appearance and good performance.


The most practical option is often used for offices and public places. It has excellent sound insulation, but the design range is classic, with no frills. In terms of quality, it manifests itself perfectly due to moisture resistance, the ability to quickly set up fittings, and mechanical strength.


The door leaf consists of compressed wood shavings, which are glued together with safe compounds. The top is covered with varnish or paints for decoration and additional protection. Glass can be used as decorative inserts (transparent and with matte films, with a pattern or non-standard texture).

How to choose the right type of doors

  • Sliding. Also called compartment doors. The complexity of installation lies in the correct installation of the guides and rollers. A good solution if you need to save as much space in the rooms as possible. The door leaf can be easily moved along the rails, and it can be equipped with a lock for better sound insulation.
  • Swing. A versatile and sought-after option that suits any room. The range includes doors that can be hinged on the right or left side, opening inward and outward, made of various materials and their combinations.
  • Foldable. Also called “book” or “accordion” because of its design. They are very lightweight and easy to use, save space, but are suitable for well-heated rooms, as they have low thermal insulation.

To understand how to choose the color of interior doors, you need to decide in advance on the general style of the room, the main accents, the location of the room, the color of the walls, and flooring. Therefore, this element is usually installed last when the general concept is already visible.

The selected door must be the size of the opening between the rooms. For this, the height and width of the structure, the thickness of the wall, the width of the platbands are measured (several times), the floor is checked for the presence of a height difference. Measurements should be taken at several points in the opening for maximum accuracy. If there are no special measuring instruments, or the door must have a non-standard configuration, it is better to turn to professionals.

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